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Do you want a bridal specialist for your wedding day hair and makeup?

Are you a relaxed, boho-chic hair lover? Would you prefer to look natural with an enhanced, modern-day makeup look?

It's the most important morning of your life, you have been planning for YEARS, maybe your whole life. Do you really want to do your own hair and makeup on this day? Of course not... Hi, I'm Natalie, I absolutely LOVE what I do. Who wouldn't want to make all women feel and look their best wedding selves? 


2014 was the year I picked up my brushes, put my kit together, and hit the road to my first-ever bride-to-be. I haven't looked back since. It's the BEST job in the world! 

My approach is simple; I'm the right amount of being laid back, a girl's girl, your biggest cheerleader throughout. From the moment you enquire, right up until your last lipstick touch-up (although, my past brides tend to stay in touch) 


With bridal groups increasing dramatically over the years, it's been just as important to hand-select stylists and artists to join me at larger weddings. Ensuring the artists + stylists represent my style, work ethic, and personable approach. 


I want you to have the most memorable wedding morning, it's the time to finally relax and let the professionals do what we do best.


Let's get talking, drop me an email or give me a call, I want to know everything about you. 

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