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L Y D I A / bridal hair

Lydia's hair trial took place a few months prior to her wedding date. Having a trial is a good test for not only yourself but for us, the stylists. As everyone's hair type differs, not all products work well for everyone . To start, we lifted the hair using a root powder and back combing, before smoothing it out gently to tidy the outside for a professional finish. Using a thin wand, we then started to curl the hair in small sections, pinning, to let the hair cool and set. As Lydia was unsure over the extra detail, we incorporated small plaits at first, but this wasn't visible and we discussed a larger plait for the wedding day.

After the trial, we found the curls dropped slightly. Great information to know that we need to curl and set Lydia's hair first thing on her wedding day.

As beautiful as a half up, half down hairstyles can look on your wedding day, it is one of those hair styles which will eventually drop when using heat to curl. Looking at Lydia's hair style on her professional photos, you can see, it held pretty damn well.

Photography by Matt Willis photography

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