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Its a babesmaid kinda day

your bridesmaid selection has been completed, all the girls are SO excited to be joining you in your next chapter. Next, what style are you going to choose? what theme? what colour/s? do you want them in the same/similar/different or allow them to do their own?

As you take in consideration, the different shapes, heights & tones of each bridesmaid for their dresses. Now its time to think about the hair and makeup... my advise to you is, first of all, decide on your own hair and makeup look. Ask yourself these questions, do I want my bridesmaids to blend in well with my own bridal style? would I prefer a softer makeup look than my own?

Some brides even opt for the, let them decide for themselves kinda look. If you are struggling to find your feet here, have a think about booking a trial in for your chief bridesmaid. As your hmua, we spend time with you discussing what colours would best suit, and hair style would work the best with the dress in mind.

What are your first questions, when it comes to your bridesmaids...?

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